Vintage Food Waste Campaign

Some thought-provoking wartime posters back when people were concerned with wasting food. Seems like we need another social campaign today.

Via Treehugger:

Over at NRDC Switchboard, Dana Gunders writes¬†Dear Government: Food Waste is a Matter of Urgency. Please Take It Seriously.¬†It’s an important post about a subject that is often ignored: that well over 40% of food in North America is wasted. Worldwide, almost a third of all food is lost to poor harvesting, lousy distribution, poor storage and ridiculous portion sizes. And it isn’t just the food wasted; it’s also the water, fertilizer and fuel.

Dana notes that the government is doing close to nothing about the problem, but that it once thought it important enough to run poster campaigns. She illustrates her post with her favourite from the US Navy in World War II.