Planned Desert Resort in Riyadh Built Directly into the Rock

Part of the massive Red Sea Development Company portfolio, this new Desert Rock Resort literally carves out the granite mountains to create luxury dwellings for guests and residents.  The unique designs aim to take advantage of the stunning landscapes while making a minimal impact on the natural surroundings.  We haven’t seen modern resorts go to the length of carving hotel rooms out of solid rock before, and we imagine it will be quite the undertaking.

When completed, the resort will host 48 villas and 12 hotel rooms, taking full advantage of the Wadi Valley, and the stunning views of the desert.  The resort takes extra care to provide unobstructed views, uniquely situated to shield from light pollution, allowing for amazing stargazing as well.  Special attention is also paid to the environmental impact of the build, with excavated rock ground into cement for construction, and LEED certification on all energy usage. Water retention systems and energy efficiency are a key part of the build, designed by Oppenheim Architects.

“The project defines new territory for sustainability and sustainable tourism at every level; across planning, construction, and operation. Most construction materials will be recycled from the site, so that building impact is minimal and new forms embody the same colors and minerals as their surroundings. Dispersed facilities minimize the resort’s footprint and invite wider site exploration, adventure, and discovery; introducing guests to all the cultural, archeological, and geological dimensions of this awe-inspiring place. ”
 – Oppenheim Architects