Ruby Chocolate, Naturally Pink and Delicious

ruby chocolate moss and fog 1

Chocolate has been a delicacy for hundreds of years, coming from the cocoa bean.  A beautiful, naturally pink variety called the Ruby cocoa bean, is now set to impact the world of chocolate with it’s lovely color and “berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness”.

ruby chocolate moss and fog

The new pink chocolate color comes from a secret process from Barry Callebaut in Switzerland, and they’re not about to share how they take these pink beans from pod to chocolate bar.  Indeed, the company is talking about their discovery of the potential “4th type of chocolate”, after milk, dark, and white. Read more in the New York Times:

This chocolate doesn’t have any berry flavoring or red coloring. It is made from the “Ruby bean,” and “the Ruby bean is unique because the fresh berry-fruitiness and color precursors are naturally present.”

ruby chocolate moss and fog 2ruby chocolate moss and fog 3ruby chocolate moss and fog 4