Stephen Hawking’s Mind Blowing Theory That the Universe Had No Beginning

We won’t even attempt to explain the brilliant mind or theory of someone like Stephen Hawking, but we found this article in Quanta Magazine fascinating.

It speaks of Hawking and James Hartle’s explanation of the Universe, and their theory that it had no beginning at all, but instead the cosmos are a ‘shuttlecock’ shape, where space expands out in a fan shape, but start from nowhere, from a diameter of zero at its bottom most point.

Read more on Quanta to hear what brilliant physicists have proposed on this fascinating theory.

Explaining why the Big Bang Theory had faults:

Hawking, in his brilliance, saw a way to end the interminable groping backward in time: He proposed that there’s no end, or beginning, at all. According to the record of the Vatican conference, the Cambridge physicist, then 39 and still able to speak with his own voice, told the crowd, “There ought to be something very special about the boundary conditions of the universe, and what can be more special than the condition that there is no boundary?”