Wildly Colorful Illustration by Van Orton

A lot of things are called colorful, but the series of hyper-complex, maximalist illustrations from Van Orton Design definitely qualify as wildly colorful. Created for a number of companies in the past year, Van Orten’s work has a very recognizable tone and design sense, meaning their style has developed it’s own “look”. ¬†Using a style that has a comic book “half-tone” sensibility mixed with a great symmetrical patterning, it’s a pop-art sensation.


An ad for Swatch shows a classic watch inside of a complex wolf-like shape.


Football players as moveable chess pieces in this colorful illustration.


Chunk has a big smile and a Baby Ruth in his hand in this great Goonies reference.


All manner of pop-culture movie references in this colorful poster.


A fantastical Japanese-themed action poster.


Kobe Bryant gives a triumphant roar in this iconic poster.