The Bronco Returns As a Serious Off-roader

After a several decade hiatus, Ford has brought back their iconic Bronco, in an appealing small package that goes directly after competitors like the Jeep Wrangler.

In a decidedly retro-meets-contemporary fashion, the new Bronco is highly utilitarian and tough, while also offering most of the 21st century technology people have come to expect.

While we’re not hardcore off-roaders ourselves, the crawling, climbing, and scaling ability of this vehicle is impressive, indeed. A reveal video featuring the capabilities of the Bronco is voiced by Bryan Cranston, and gives you a sense of its off-road chops.

We were hoping the vehicle might be offered in a hybrid or partially electrified variant, but no word on that yet.



The original Bronco shows that designers kept much of the iconic look for the new model