The Mukaab Will be an Enormous 1200-Foot Cube Skyscraper in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia is in the midst of a building extravaganza, with the massive NEOM project underway, which includes a number of huge, and sometimes controversial architectural undertakings.

They’re continuing this frantic pace, with the introduction of The Mukaab, a behemoth cube-shaped skyscraper for downtown Riyadh. When completed, it will be one of the largest structures on the entire planet.

Indeed, The Mukaab qualifies as a Supertall skyscraper (over 300m tall), but instead of being tall and skinny, it’s tall and enormous.  The building is estimated to be completed by 2030, and will include over 80 entertainment and cultural venues, a technology and design university, as well as an ‘iconic’ museum.

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Via Dezeen:

“The cube-shaped building will be enclosed in a facade made of overlapping triangular forms that was informed by the modern Najdi architectural style.

It will contain two million square metres of shops, cultural and tourist attractions and have an almost full-height atrium space that will contain a spiralling tower.”