Canoo’s Newest Pickup is Adorable Yet Highly Functional

Canoo is a startup who has been quietly tinkering with their EV vehicle platform for the last five years. They’ve announced a subscription-service van and a boxy delivery vehicle, but this latest development adds a small, all-electric pickup to their roster.

Suddenly, there are over a half dozen options coming for the hotly anticipated electric pickup space, with the Canoo being the latest.

Decidedly small-medium sized and full of unique storage options, it should be a great option for people wanting an emissions free option that doesn’t have too many compromises.

With a range of 200+ miles and 600 HP, the truck is estimated at costing in the high $30k range, proving that electric vehicles will be as affordable as their gas counterparts.

Pre-orders start later this year, with deliveries expected in mid-2023.

Via Car and Driver:

“On either side of the six-foot bed, tables fold down to function as a workspace, and there is also a table that folds down from the front of the truck. That table exposes a small storage area as well as various points to charge or power electronics. The pickup bed can also be extended, as well as enclosed, to eight feet long to fit bigger items. Steps with storage within them can be pulled out of the sides of the truck to make it easier to access anything on the roof rack. And to answer the question any truck owner would ask, yes, there’s a taillamp setup in the bed extension, so it’s okay to drive the truck with the bed extended to fit longer cargo.”