Coso, an Award Winning Concept for a Male Contraceptive Device

Ever since the advent of birth control pills, people have asked why there isn’t an alternative for men. The idea of women always being in charge of reproductive responsibilities is outdated and unequal. Coso is a concept that aims to change that, borne out of a necessity when the designer received a medical diagnosis that meant she couldn’t take birth control.

A recent recipient of the James Dyson Award, the Coso by Rebecca Weiss is a novel device that uses the power of ultrasound waves to temporarily halt the production of sperm in men. The process is entirely reversible, giving the user a way to control when reproduction makes sense. Industrial design help by Mathis Reck.

In the wake of the state of Texas passing draconian laws against women’s rights, we need alternatives like the Coso more than ever, and we need men to step up in their place when it comes to critical family planning.

Learn more about the international James Dyson Awards here. Read more about the Coso on Dezeen:

“Many men would like to take on more responsibility when it comes to contraception. But the options are limited. COSO is an ultrasound-based, reversible and hormone-free male contraceptive device for home use that temporarily modifies spermatogenesis.”
    – Coso

The ultrasound waves temporarily halt sperm regeneration, with contraceptive effectiveness beginning two weeks after the first application.

The effect is reversible, with fertility expected to return no later than six months after the last application.