Live Infographic Showing Favorite Halloween Candy By US State

Halloween is nearly upon us, and we feel the fun fall energy, where pumpkins perch on front porches, and kids anticipate their trick-or-treat hauls.  And though Halloween is spreading throughout different parts of the world, the holiday we know remains a mostly American tradition.

In the spirit of Halloween, we wanted to see what candy us trending in different states. So we teamed up with friends at Sprinklr to find the answer. Using live social data, we’re able to see what type of candy is trending in all 50 states, in the lead up to Halloween.

Scroll down for a look at the live map, which sorts mentions of various treats by state, and gives you an insight into how Utah might differ from Delaware.

As the holiday approaches, the data is likely to shift as well, which is fun to track and keep an eye on.

Thanks to Gabriel Neila for the fun design.