MINI Further Reveals Their Vision Urbanaut Concept

MINI announced their Vision Urbanaut concept late last year, but it was only a number of renderings, and not an exportable vehicle. Now they’ve expanded that look, with a concept that cements their view of the future, and what mobility will look like in the near future.

Their jellybean shaped EV has a large interior footprint full of unique, modern characteristics that feel very un-carlike. Both high-tech and highly sustainable, the interior features materials like cork, tencel, and wool, and has different modes that transform the interior into a number of unique ‘moments’.

These include “Chill“, “Wanderlust” and “Vibe“, all of which sound a little silly, but showcase the car’s unique personality. From steering wheel and pedals that can hide away, to a windshield that can open up like a skylight, it’s clear the Vision Urbanaut was meant for maximizing usability and comfort, while showcasing what a car can be capable of.

In addition to a fascinating interior design, the car features extensive lighting that is meant to enhance the emotion and personality of the vehicle. LED covered wheels and the like might not make it to production, but it’s always cool to see the ways car designers imagine the future to look like.

Via DesignBoom:

It’s inspiring to see an automaker rethink what an interior can look like. At first glance, this seemed far too large to be a van interior. But with seats that swivel and a wide greenhouse, the car’s inside can come alive.

MINI envisions a future where driving is optional, and wheel and pedals can recede into the floor when not in use.

A colorful MINI ‘token’ awakens the car’s different modes.