Nature in Super Close-Up – Beautiful Colored Micrographs

The natural world is all around us, but only some of it is visible to the naked eye. An entire new world opens up to us through the beauty of micrographs.

Diving deep into the world of plants, we see pollen seeds and plant cells in beautiful detail thanks to scanning electron microscopy. The crisp and mesmerizing images are the work of Rob Kesseler.

Rob Kesseler is a visual artist and Emeritus Professor of Arts, Design & Science at Central Saint Martins, London. His work showing the intricate makeup of these tiny cells and seeds give us a larger perspective on the natural world, making us ponder the scale and scope of everything around us.

Images from Pollen the Hidden Sexuality of Flowers, Seeds Time Capsules of Life, and Fruit Edible Inedible, Incredible. Published by Papadakis.  Images used with artist’s permission.