Elegant Woodnest Cabin In the Norwegian Forest

Impressive and fancy treehouses have been built all over the world, as ways to find a mini escape to nature, and sometimes just to  have architects flex their muscles.  We’ve written about a number of them, but this ‘Woodnest‘ cabin outside of the Norwegian city of Odda is definitely one of the most elegant and refined that we’ve seen.

Designed by Helen & Hard Architects, the small, elevated cabin literally hugs a tree, which helps make up the support system itself.

The cabin’s wooden shingles are intricately applied and almost resemble an owl’s feathers, which further help the cabin blend into its natural setting.

A short walk across the elevated bridge take you into the cabin, which has flowing organic lines, and a clean and refined interior. Huge expansive windows, combined with the lifted position give the Woodnest an extraordinary view of the Hardangerfjord (Finland’s fourth largest fjord) below.

We’re impressed by the brilliant use of space, and also the modest footprint of the treehouse, which nevertheless provides an incredible experience for visitors.  Via Uncrate:

” Stemming from the client’s wish to create a unique spatial experience that connects to both the ordinary and extraordinary sensation of climbing and exploring trees, our aim was to create a space that truly embodies what it means to dwell in nature.  “

 – Helen and Hard Architects

” Woodnest is a project that quietly sits in an extraordinary situation. The architecture aims to allow people to pause and appreciate the smaller details of the natural environments we inhabit; the grain of timber, the daily rhythm of the forest and the sensation of dwelling in nature. “

-Helen and Hard Architects