Moss and Fog Best of Fall 2022

Fall is one of our favorite seasons, full of color, crisp clean air, and foreshadowing of the cold winter ahead.

We’ve also had a busy fall in terms of posts, artist’s work, and inspiring travel destinations.

Here’s a summary of some of our best and most loved posts from Fall 2022.




The Five Least Visited National Parks in the United States

We all know the most visited parks include Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and the like.

Can you name the least visited ones? We couldn’t until we did some research. We have a write-up.





Catch the Brightest Fall Colors with the 2022 Foliage Tracker Map

Fall colors reach their peak at different times in different places. The Foliage Tracker Map helps you find those best times and places! Take a look and let us know if it feels accurate to you.




The Surreal, Photogenic Beauty of the Namib Desert

One of the oldest deserts in the world, the Namib is on the southwest coast of Africa, and has enormous sand dunes, ancient lakebeds, and fossilized trees that feel surreal. Have you been? It’s high on our list.



Inspiring Autumn Leaf Creations by Andy Goldsworthy

One of the masters of nature art, Goldsworthy creates fleeting artwork made from sticks, leaves, ice and more. His work is known around the world. Take a look at some of his best autumn work.


Alper Yesiltas’ Uses AI to Imagine What Lost Celebrities Would Look Like Today

Alper Yesiltas takes famous celebrities who died too young, and reimagines what they might look like today. It’s a combination of AI and artistry, and makes a big visual impact. Does Yesiltas do the artists justice?



Best Art at Burning Man, 2022

Burning Man continues to be one of the best places in the world to enjoy stunning art in a wild, raw setting. Here are a roundup of some of the best pieces from Burning Man 2022.





Spray-On Dress at Paris Fashion Show Feels Particularly Sci-Fi

At a Paris fashion show, a model came out wearing nearly nothing. She then had a dress sprayed onto her, showing the future of fashion, or at least a strange permutation of it. Take a look.





Manas Bhatia’s Symbiotic Architecture

Combining AI with artistry, Manas Bhatia show us architectural renderings that embody tree-like forms. It’s a futuristic look at architecture through a new lens.